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I believe that food and travel go hand in hand.  When I travel, I not only want to explore the city or shops, but I also want to experience and discover new tastes and dishes.  On this page you can read about my travel and food experiences thus far.  All photos were taken by me!

2009 Overnight in Singapore
I absolutely love Asian cuisine, so it was great to taste really authentic dishes!
 2009 Trip to Paris

This photo inspired me to name by blog "Rêves d'une boulangère." I was in awe of the many boulangeries (bakeries) in Paris and their gorgeous creations.

French food has shaped my philosophy of good produce gives good food
Paris amazes me.  Their elaborate creations still inspire me today.
2009 Trip to Chamonix

This is the first time I ever saw, noticed, and admired macarons!
This was also the first time that I learned about Bûche de Noël!

Even grocery shopping was fun! Well for a Francophile, anything in France is fun!

2010 London Trip

In Harrods I was amazed at their vast array of chocolates, sweets and food!
Harrod's Chocolates! That one please!
Believe it or not...this is all made of chocolate!
Dad, me and my sister Jessica - we all loved the London Cafés like Pret a Manger and EAT! Incredibly well priced, and yummy produce!
Mum, Jess and I - We also loved the pub lunches! So different to Australian lunch.

2011 China Trip

Guangzhou, China, was a bustling city; full of life, lights and fun.  And of course, 24 hour eating and shops at the touch of your fingertips!
I was fortunate enough to eat truly, truly, authentic food as I lived with a local family.  We often ate (from left to right): chicken, pork, vegetables, curried beef and fish with shallots and ginger
The ingredients were always so fresh and often even cooked by us using the traditional way of steaming meats in a shared hot pot
And of course China also served up cute treats that I marvelled at! Hello Kitty cake? Squeal!
These sweet pork buns were equally adorable!
In Macau, I had to indulge myself and have a Porteguese Custard Tart! I will never forget how warm it felt in my fingers and the flakiness of the perfect pastry.  One of my favourite Chinese "sweet eats" for sure.

There were also some dishes I wasn't brave enough to try, such as duck or chicken heads! But I did try eel, crab and pigeon over there!
Overall it was an amazing trip and I am so grateful to those who welcomed me into their homes.  Thank you so much!
2011 Hong Kong & Macau Trip

In July 2011 I returned to Hong Kong as part of my Mother's 50th Birthday celebrations!

The food was as fresh, fragrant and interesting as ever! Many of our night time meals including ho fun noodles, pork, and delicious vegetable dishes.
Breakfast in Hong Kong was a big affair.  We found a great Yum Cha restaurant packed with people. We sampled many dishes (yay for English menus!) such as pan-fried turnip patties, custard buns, steamed vegetable rolls, congee and yao chàa gwai, dim sims and fish balls.  At least 5 plates and 3 pots of tea for under $11 Australian dollars!  

We also ate at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, which offered an enormous breakfast buffet - from Chinese (yum) to Western (ugh).  I loved the congee, stir fried vegetables, and chow mein.  Sadly, my mother chose boring Western omlettes every time!
I also had my first experience of Disneyland in Hong Kong! There, I ate delicious Mikey Mouse icecream and I actually still have the wrapper.   

When I returned home to Australia, Dad surprised myself and my Mum with a professionally made cake.  It was fruit cake and fondant! Thanks Dad!

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